When I started looking at what I could use to enhance my performances I knew I wanted to incorporate drums somehow.
I came across A LOT of options but nothing like my Salgo. I really love the endless possibilities of this product with the programability.
And there’s no need to carry around a giant bass drum or snare, Salgo packs up nice and compact for easy load in and load out but sound huge through my sound system.
Thanks for a fantastic product !
— Buddy Vargas, Texas

The Salgo Foot Drum Plus is now part of my regular one-man band performances. It is easy to set up and extremely sturdy.
— Robert, Vancouver

Best thing ever for solo musicians! I made myself like 3 stomp boxes so far and I still wasn’t satisfied with the sound of those. But this thing is on another level. There’s an almost unlimited sound you can add in with the ‘’programming cable’’. Very very satisfied with this! Thanks a lot!
— Maverick, Austin

The power and control of adding a snare or drum beat at the tap of a pedal while playing live is the ultimate way to enhance your performance ”
— John, Toronto

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, I can’t imagine every playing without it
— Sebastian, Salt Lake City

I’ve spent so much time looking for something like this, I only wish I had found it sooner!
— Rachel, Montreal

This product is awesome. I tried a few foot drumming devices recently and this is the one I will adopt for sure. It’s compact and easy to play. A guitarist’s leg won’t hurt after a few songs! I really hope you guys will get all the success you deserves!
— Vincent, Saskatoon

Everyone is always asking where I got this foot drum from. I always get compliments on it, and my audience loves the way it becomes a part of my music performance.
— Heinrich, Frankfurt

I’ve been using this foot drum every day now. I recently bought the programming kit and have added my own instruments. This is a great package, an absolute must for musicians playing live or even practicing at home. I only wish I had found it sooner.
— Laszlo, Budapest

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