Salgo Foot Drum with Pedals Summer Sale!

Salgo Foot Drum with Pedals Summer Sale!

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This package includes everything you need to start playing! It comes with the Salgo unit pre-programmed, two foot pedals, rechargeable, attachable 2800mAh lithium Ion Power Bank, and one AC power adapter. Comes with a one year limited warranty, Programming Kit sold separately. (Shipping included to Continental USA and Canada)​.

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Salgo by FootDrum Plus,  was inspired by our love of music and fueled by our pure frustration of being unable to find a foot drum that enabled live, hands-free control of musical beats and other musical sounds. As solo musicians, we know how much a drum beat or snare can liven up a performance, and engage a crowd, but being solo performers with our hands tied proved this greatly challenging. At FootDrum Plus, we've worked long and hard to find a solution that allowed LIVE beat production as an addition to music, which is hands-free, lightweight, portable, and easy to use. This is what lead us to design and craft this unique portable Foot Drum.

Salgo is small, at only 11cm x 10cm x 4.5cm (4.3" x 3.9" x 1.7"), weighs only 1.3lbs (including the 2 Sonic Foot Pedals) it fits almost anywhere, and is highly portable. The model boasts connections for two separate pedals (included), allowing musicians to activate two different types of beats one for each pedal. Each channel can be pre-loaded with up to 8 (16 combined for 2 pedals) different beats (bass kicks, snare, symbol etc) and can easily be toggled through with a tap of a button located on the module. Unlike other units, Salgo has a unique design which results in a virtually zero latency period between the touch of the pedal, and sound output. This allows precise musical beat delivery, and sound fidelity. Salgo comes with the option to be connected to your computer (programming kit is NOT included), where you can easily drag and drop your own instrument sounds, or any of the over 200+ sounds available on our website. Salgo arrives with an external chargeable battery and supports 150+ hours of playtime to keep up with all your performance needs.  AC cable included for unlimited playtime.