Our Story Goes Way Back…


From a small band touring Hungary, to a family business passionate for delivering the best foot drums a performer can get. Hear our story!


Our story began in the late 60's in Hungary, a time under communist rule, and a strict police presence, and frequent arrests. Amidst these challenges, our spirits remained unscathed - we filled our time with family and friends, love, and our passion for music. There was never a night without the sound of rock and roll music playing late in to the night. Our band toured the country playing rock, and singing songs loud and proud as our music echoed our passion and all the freedom of our young hearts. But, as the years went on, the golden age soon passed, and the band eventually split. We went our own ways - some of us moved west of the Iron Curtain to Switzerland, to South Africa, and even to Canada. One band member, a good friend and great soccer player, and an even better musician, Bubu, left us for a better place. We still miss him.


Over the years, even with the great distance between us, however, we still managed to stayed in touch. With our backgrounds in electronics and engineering combined with our love for music we soon found ourselves in the perfect position to bring to life a idea we had been throwing around for years. As we often played as solo musicians now that the band was broken up, we had hungered for something that would liven our performances but did not exist as it does today. We decided to put together our technical skills and passion. After many long sleepless nights a functional prototype emerged. Many hundreds of cups of coffee powered endless hours of programming, drafting schematics, designing and the many dozens of prototypes that finally lead to the creation of our dream foot drum.

We decided to call it Salgo, named after the place that brought us all together. It was exactly what we were looking for. All our goals were achieved with its design and function. Every musician we gave it to for testing would fall in love with it immediately. They could not understand why no one had created something like this before! Everyone we had try Salgo could not get their hands (and feet) off of it. We love Salgo so much, we don't play anywhere without it! If you are like us - a solo musician looking to add the dynamics and engagement of drums and other musical instruments to your gig - then you will absolutely love Salgo.