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The only foot drum you will ever need.

 The Salgo System



Q: Where can I get a Salgo Percussion System and how much will it cost?

You can order a Salgo system from our website here.

 Q: How much is the shipping for The Salgo System?

  Shipping in the USA and Canada is FREE. If you live outside of these areas, please email us and we may also be able to accommodate you. 

Q: What accessories does the Foot Drum Package come with?

The Salgo system comes with the Salgo Digital Audio Box with a detachable rechargeable battery bank,  a pair of Sonic sonic foot pedals, Serial Programming Cable (optional), a DVD with wave files, and programming software  & information. The Salgo Foot Drum is shipped with 16 pre-programmed instrument sounds and ready to be enjoyed out of the box.


Q: Will Salgo sound digital like other foot drum machines?

 Not at all - we used high quality recording equipment to record high fidelity sound files which were specifically created for optimal compatibility and playback on the Salgo System. These sounds are played back instantly on demand as activated by the foot pedals, and sound natural and realistic!   In addition to the pre-loaded instrument sounds available on  the Salgo out of the box, you can also download additional wave files from our website, or even record your own and use those! 

Q: I play acoustic guitar/cello/trumpet… can I still use Salgo?

 Absolutely! Salgo does not need an instrument to be plugged into it to work. 

Q: What can I plug my Salgo into?

  Salgo may be plugged into an amp, PA system, home stereo, or any system that can accept RCA connectors or any Aux connector (with adapter 1/4″ (6.35 mm) or 1/8″ (3.5 mm) input cables). For best sound, be sure to plug the Salgo into a full range system, ideally in stereo, such as a home stereo or PA system.

Q: Don’t you feel bad about putting drummers out of business?

  We will never put drummers out of business. Salgo simply allows solo musicians who have never had drums before anyway to experience virtual portable drums or other instrument sounds. No drummers are lost this way!



Q: What type of power source do I need to operate the Salgo percussion System?
None. Salgo runs on 3 x AA batteries, with a long operating run-time of about 120+ hours.  Re-chargeable batteries may also be used but playtime may vary depending on the quality of the batteries.  We are recommending that you always have an extra set (3) of spare batteries with you, just in case.

Q: Is the output of the  Digital Audio Box stereo or mono?
  The default mode is stereo and the unit comes shipped this way.  However, our current version now comes with a mono/stereo toggle switch which is accessible at the bottom of the unit and allows you the flexibility to change the output mode quickly.

Q: How is the sensitivity on the pedals?

We are now producing our fifth generation of pedals, which now have even greater sensitivity than our previous line and come with our thickest, most durable cables. You will expect a perfect response every time, however there are a few guidelines for best performance. Firstly, make sure that you are tapping the surface opposite to the wires on the pedals as this is the most sensitive region and will also require the least amount of force to produce output. Secondly, it is highly recommended that you use shoes or footwear that has a moderate to hard surface as this significantly reduces the amount of pressure you need to exert in order to produce a sound. The highly durable pedals are made of solid state piezo sensors which are not subject to the same wear and tear as the usual mechanical moving parts found in other pedals. This allows for a much longer lifespan, greater durability, and lighter weight than other mechanisms.

Q: Where can I view the documentation?

           Please click on any of the following links to acquire the most recent documentation of files:

Top View02.jpg

Salgo has two pedals, each of which control it’s own channel and can store up to 10 different instrument sounds. Press on each pedal to output the choose instrument sound, or to scroll through the available instrument sounds, simply holding the Toggle button and tap to sample the sounds. Once you’ve chosen the instrument sounds you want, just release the toggle and you are ready to play! Its that simple! For more video please view our YouTube Channel.

*All units come pre-loaded with instruments as displayed in video


Our Story Goes Way Back…


From a small band touring Hungary, to a family business passionate for delivering the best foot drums a performer can get. Hear our story!


Our story began in the late 60's in Hungary, a time under communist rule, and a strict police presence, and frequent arrests. Amidst these challenges, our spirits remained unscathed - we filled our time with family and friends, love, and our passion for music. There was never a night without the sound of rock and roll music playing late in to the night. Our band toured the country playing rock, and singing songs loud and proud as our music echoed our passion and all the freedom of our young hearts. But, as the years went on, the golden age soon passed, and the band eventually split. We went our own ways - some of us moved west of the Iron Curtain to Switzerland, to South Africa, and even to Canada. One band member, a good friend and great soccer player, and an even better musician, Bubu, left us for a better place. We still miss him.


Over the years, even with the great distance between us, however, we still managed to stayed in touch. With our backgrounds in electronics and engineering combined with our love for music we soon found ourselves in the perfect position to bring to life a idea we had been throwing around for years. As we often played as solo musicians now that the band was broken up, we had hungered for something that would liven our performances but did not exist as it does today. We decided to put together our technical skills and passion. After many long sleepless nights a functional prototype emerged. Many hundreds of cups of coffee powered endless hours of programming, drafting schematics, designing and the many dozens of prototypes that finally lead to the creation of our dream foot drum.

We decided to call it Salgo, named after the place that brought us all together. It was exactly what we were looking for. All our goals were achieved with its design and function. Every musician we gave it to for testing would fall in love with it immediately. They could not understand why no one had created something like this before! Everyone we had try Salgo could not get their hands (and feet) off of it. We love Salgo so much, we don't play anywhere without it! If you are like us - a solo musician looking to add the dynamics and engagement of drums and other musical instruments to your gig - then you will absolutely love Salgo.


Meet The Team


Ferenc Lenart

Co-Founder, Product Manager


Kristof Lenart

Co-Founder, Web Master, Marketing Coordinator


Gyula Toth

Co-Founder, Technical Manager, Inventor

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Andras Lenart

Project Manager