Connect With Your Audience.


We were inspired by our love of music and motivated by our pure frustration of being unable to find a device that enabled live, hands-free control of musical beats and other musical sounds.

We aimed to allow musicians to truly connect with their audience with dynamic real-time live control of beats all at the tap of pedal.

This lead us to engineering Salgo, the perfect foot drum. Weighing just over 1lbs, this digital two pedal foot drum is small and portable (4.3” x 3.9” x1.7”). Unlike other units, Salgo has a unique design that results in a virtually zero latency period between the touch of the pedal and sound output. This precise musical beat delivery and high quality instrument sounds are a perfect complement for any musician.

The portability afforded by its chargeable external battery bank, allow over 250+ hours of playtime on a single charge! And with 8 programmable instrument sounds per pedal, you get the versatility and flexibility that contours your unique performance style.

We are proud to bring you Salgo, the only portable you will ever need!