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The only foot drum you will ever need.



We Are FootDrum Plus

Salgo, by FootDrum Plus, is the perfect solution for any solo musician looking to add high quality, live beats and percussion to their performance with only the tap of their feet! 

We Are Creative

We've packed everything you need into this small, lightweight foot drum so it's absolutely perfect. It's durable, long lasting, and supports two foot pedals with virtually zero latency period unlike competitors. Salgo stores up to 16 different pre-loaded beats that can be toggled with the click of a button. It's fun and easy to use; you'll be wondering how you ever got by without one!

We Deliver

With input from fellow musicians, we have developed, designed and meticulously crafted Salgo to be the perfect all-in-one, hands-free drum solution for any solo musician or music group.


Connect With Your Audience

Inspired by our love of music, Salgo lets you engage your audience with dynamic real-time beats as you perform live.


“The power and control of adding a snare or drum beat at the tap of a pedal while playing live is the ultimate way to enhance your performance ”


Our goal with Salgo is to help musicians connect with their audience. That’s why we engineered the perfect solution engage music and drawn the crowd with live dynamic beats.

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, I can’t imagine every playing without it”


The small size, lightweight and battery powered features of Salgo, allow you to pick up and go and, and play any right out of box. Play like a band anywhere you go!


Never Miss a Beat

With a solid state design, Salgo has no moving parts, and a virtually zero latency period allowing instrument sound output the moment the pedal is taped.


30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, easily return it for a total refund within 30 days.


All The Accessories

The Salgo line includes everything you need to play! The unit is pre-programmed with 16 unique instrument sounds, and comes with a pair of foot drum pedals, a detachable power bank, an AC adapter, RCA kit, and an optional programming kit.


New - Power Adapter

The Salgo line now includes a power adapter for unlimited playtime!


New - Power Bank

The Salgo line now includes a removable, rechargeable external power bank allowing portability and play anywhere!


Free Shipping & Warranty

All items include free shipping to Canada or the continental US, along with discounts to most other countries! All products include a 1 year warranty.



With Salgo we offer you the flexibility of programming the unit with your very own choice of instrument sounds.

Connect the unit to your PC with the optional programming kit, and select your own sounds to load onto the unit - or choose from any of our 200+ sounds available on our library!


Experience The Salgo Everyone is Talking About

Join the fast growing Salgo family that includes musicians from over three dozen countries and award winning performers like Teddy Harpo, Buddy Vargas, Ben Stafford, and many others.